Why LifeSpaces Innovation Group?

The physical space in which a person lives and moves has a great effect on a person’s life and the lives of those around them. Our life is spread across numerous locations that affect our lives as well as our health. Our mission at LifeSpaces Innovation Group is to use innovative products and solutions to improve the quality of our lives, while considering the importance of sustainability and supporting the environment in which we live. It is time for change, and at LifeSpaces, our goal is to help you facilitate that change in a way that provides increased value in all of our lives.

What makes us unique?

We are a solution-based sales organization with new technologies to meet and exceed channel and segment expectations. We bring a fresh new approach utilizing disruptive technologies to initiate the change needed in the US market of today.

Bill Gates said, “Innovation is the most powerful force for change in the world”. At LifeSpaces we are providing innovative solutions that really are changing the world.



In a world filled with evolving infections like the the common cold and flu to more serious infections like the COVID-19 virus and pandemic, our main concern at Lifespaces Innovations Group is to offer the best options for sanitizing and disinfection in the workplace and public areas. To minimize the risk of infections and prevent and control outbreaks is not only a very important responsibility but something we take very seriously. With EPA-registered and CDC approved safe disinfecting tablets and chemicals for infection prevention and control,face masks, sanitary gloves, electrostatic sprayers, re-usable wipers and microfiber, tools, equipment , eco friendly trash liners and manual sprayers we have an arsenal of resources to help keep your lifespaces safe, clean and sanitary.


Lifespaces Innovation Group is a proud member of The New England Sanitary Supply Association


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