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Jeff Munroe

Sales executive with an extensive 39 Years of Sales, Sales Management, Leadership, and Training excellence and experience within the janitorial, consumer goods, paper, manufacturing, retail, food service and packaging industries. Founder and President of Lifespaces Innovation Group, LLC.

Innovation sales, marketing and consulting to progressive consumer goods companies that will change the industry. Providing new and disruptive technologies that will impact key channels with sustainable programs, innovation and value-added solutions.

Results oriented, accomplished with high energy and passion for business and developing people and new strategies across the United States. My goal is to make significant contributions to impact the US market, develop new innovation programs and provide top line results that will change our industry.

Jay Munroe

The questions our work answers is important whether we realize it or not. Since graduating from Endicott College and serving as Associate Director of Alumni Relations there while getting his MBA, Jay has been concerned with identifying answers about how technology exists in industries beyond high tech and why we in other industries don’t think of innovation that way.

After learning how to pound the pavement at xpedx International Paper, his seminal management experience as Regional Manager at Unger Enterprises brought him to the conviction that ergonomics is a conversation every industry can and should be having about the technology they have to offer. His expertise is with hand tools for cleaning, but he is learning about the importance of better safety and health concerns that factor into the chemicals in the Jan San industry.

Following a stint calling on the New York market in distribution as part of the sales team at EBP Supply Solutions, and in great part by what he learned there, more than two years ago his father Jeff Munroe and he began Lifespaces Innovation Group, LCC. They have since been joined in founding the company by other very talented professionals to create one of the most competitive management teams in the industry. His goal in business development and sales administration is to do what he can to make sure everything they sell is working toward the end goal of making people healthier than the alternative and more sustainable. Technology is only as good as the real impact it makes and value it helps us to create.

He is deeply grateful to have worked with smarter people in New York City and Boston than he ever expected to meet.  Jay is most blessed to be married to his wife and board member of the non-profit she helped to found The Poet Acts, Danielle Bourgeois Munroe and to be Daddy to their two boys Micah and Gabriel. He loves to write and study theology and his dream is to serve the local church full-time and teach theology as a vocation. He and his wife most like to write and talk about their projects, along with visiting old estates and wildlife nature reserves.

Jerry Baden

Jerry Baden is a sales and management professional with experience in many channels with a track record of success. For 30 years he had sold at a leadership level and has a technical science background that provides him with the expertise to sell in both healthcare and disinfection with sensitivities to the specialty and unique needs and difficulties in that sector.

He served as VP in an electrostatic and hypochlorous company in Massachusetts and continues to be committed to selling innovation at the highest level in the most competitive markets. Jerry heads up Infection Prevention and Control for LSIG and contributes to key categories like PPE sourcing and sales coordination and protocols.

As a founding manager he brought relationships with major national and international healthcare and med-surge clients to LSIG a long with the tenacity it takes to win. Jerry is a native of the North Shore of Boston and enjoy playing the drums in his band in his spare time.

Maynard Johnson

Ran daytime operations for a large regional commercial cleaning company cleaning crew of 65 people cleaning over 100 buildings.   8 years Boston area

Ran operations for a jan-san supply company servicing large cleaning contractors, hospitals and nursing homes.  Company sold to Go Jo Industries now the Provon brand. 6 years  Boston area

Ran night time operations for another  regional commercial cleaning company at night at the same time. 2 years  S Shore

Divisional manager CFR corporation. CFR is a commercial carpet cleaning equipment and chemical company based in Roseville MN. I ran Virginia through Maine and oversaw 5 regional representatives. 7 years.

Amsan New England. Built their equipment program from 100k to 2 million in two years. Worked with 12 mostly paper salesmen and built trust and easy to sell programs while backing up the salesforce with product knowledge. Grew chemical and accessory business as well. 6 years

MRJ Associates 14+ years Independent representative specializing in equipment, chemicals, healthcare and microfiber cleaning systems. Had 1 full time and 3 part time salesmen covering NYC, upperstate NY and New England.

In addition:

I have trained hundreds of salesmen in 15 states all aspects of cleaning and selling.

Taught hundreds of end user carpet cleaning seminars in 15 states.

Taught at the NY State annual training schools for 5 years including a presentation in front of 400 in the school auditorium when asked to cover for someone that didn’t show at the last minute.

Trained 150 cleaners at Dartmouth College  quarterly in equipment maintenance over 3 years.

Taught equipment maintenance at the Maine higher education consortium for 6 years.

Worked with 2 Carpet manufacturers as a troubleshooter.

Worked directly with 8 equipment manufacturers in product development.

Worked with professional video producers writing training procedures and video production.

Tim Saint Peter

Well-versed sales and operations leader with a proven success record with a background in managing operations and generating revenue and sales. Skilled with guiding teams and directing operations to achieve company goals and objectives. Adept at learning products to enhance selling techniques that will lead to sales. Experienced with conducting trend analysis to determine current sales strategies and products to remain successful in a competitive market. Adept at interfacing with cross-functional teams to achieve targets.

After graduating from St. John’s Prep in Danvers, MA Tim went on to Suffolk business school, and also completed his Master of Business Administration at Northeastern University. His professional experience shows the versatility to be an expert in both the sales and operations sides of a business. Tim has managed staff, established and implemented department policies, procedures and objectives as an operations manager for Seventh Generation Webster Industries and consulted on functional IT for the Oracle Corporation.

Tim went on to manage major function of business for Acosta Cornerstone corporation that included oversight for sales activity across 20 districts and 200 sales representatives. Prior to joining Lifespaces as a Director of Sales and managing partner he worked at Bunzel/R3 Distribution New England where he orchestrated daily sales operations for their clients. He likes people to know that it all started with selling trash bags and helping to operate his family business and likes to talk with business associates about his daughters any time he can get the chance.